Fink Ku 5th Edt. Alligator Skin (4/4)


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5th edt. Was broken Into 3 different sets (A,B,C 4/4) made with Green Gem glazes with a brown headrest  A- Pistachio 4/4, B- Gator Skin 4/4, C- Green Agate 4/4 omg

(4th Edt. 10/10 Black wash / Lime Green/ brown glaze/red glaze gains Sold OUT)

(3rd edt.10/10 Blaclwash / Rat Fink Green Glaze SOLD OUT)

(2nd edt. 10/10 black wash/ Electric blue &brown Glaze SOLD OUT)

(1st edition 10/10 black wash/orange sicle & brown glaze SOLD OUT)


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